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So Many Boats — Do You “Love the One You’re With?”

Looking through the Latitude 38 Classy Classifieds always reminds us just how many ways there are to sail. The boats in our classifieds vary widely — all different, all fun. Beyond the boats in Classifieds, there are windsurfers, kiteboards, iceboats and foiling IMOCA 60s. You can sail singlehanded or doublehanded — which reminds us: Today is the last day to sign up for the Three Bridge Fiasco.

As we write, there are 296 boats signed up for the Three Bridge Fiasco, meaning you could be the boat that pushes it over 300. A note from the Singlehanded Sailing Society sent yesterday said, “The rain is over and we forecast a fun event this coming Saturday, January 28, for the Three Bridge Fiasco. If you didn’t win one of the recent big Powerball drawings, your luck is coming in another form this year — perhaps a great day on the water that makes unforgettable stories to tell. Register now at

Back to the boats. It was while looking at the two boats below that we again saw how many ways people “float their boat.” A Tayana 37 and a Riptide 35 appeared side by side on the Classy home page. One for cruising the other for racing, though the Tayana can be raced and the Riptide cruised; however, that wouldn’t be their strong suit.

Riptide 35 and Tayana 37
The Tayana 37 and Riptide 35 landed next to each other on our Classifieds home page.
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Latitude 38

The Riptide and the Tayana couldn’t be more different in purpose, but they’re both driven by the wind and will attract the sailor who’s aligned with their strengths. One for cruising over the horizon and one for doing a horizon job on the competition.

Bruce Kirby Sharpie
“All marine plywood on the exterior covered with fiberglass. We had it redone last year. Shoal draft boat with a cat ketch rig designed by Bruce Kirby (who designed the Laser!).”
© 2023 Owner

The homebuilt, fiberglassed, plywood sharpie above has a whole different vibe. Bruce Kirby, the designer of the Laser, drew the lines, so we’d guess it’s an easy boat to sail and cruise the Delta. It says it comes with a trailer too!

Riptide 35
The Riptide 35 is for racing. ‘Tooloco’ is a 35-ft ultralight water-ballasted planing machine designed by Paul Bieker, with a 40:1 sail area to displacement ratio.
© 2023 Tooloco
Tayana 37 Honu
The Tayana 37 is for cruising. This one is waiting for you in Mexico and it says, “Proven cruising boat with a full keel and wooden spar, plenty of headroom and storage.”
© 2023 Honu

Or if you’re looking to spend some energy and love on preparing your boat, you could consider the Hunter or Tayana below, both of which have great bones but need a little attention in some areas and are priced accordingly.

two boats
Both will take you cruising wherever you want to go.
© 2023 Latitude / Classifieds

We love our current boat, but thumbing through the Classy Classifieds we can picture ourselves having great days aboard any one of the boats above. So many boats, so little time. But, as Crosby, Stills & Nash sang, “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.”

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