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Shoreline Lake Public Access and Parking Now Fully Restored

The South Bay’s Shoreline Lake, playground for sailors, kayakers and picnickers alike, has regained its full public access after the completion of extensive restoration work. A comprehensive environmental renovation project undertook to retain the lake’s beauty and tranquility while ensuring continued public access to outdoor recreation options and waterfront amenities. The work took place over winter to help reduce the impact to wildlife and visitor access.

Shoreline lake “before” shots — there was a lot of room for improvement.
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“The Improvements Project [City of Mountain View’s Lake Improvements Project] took into account the sensitive nature of this locale, as well as our patrons’ needs, and we are very happy with the outcome,” says Christina Ferrari, president of Silicon Shores Corporation (which operates the Shoreline Lake facilities). “Besides retaining the beauty and tranquility of this sanctuary, the work ensured that we could continue providing the type of recreation that benefits locals and area workers.”

Looking a good deal better already.
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A press release issued by Shoreline Lake said, “The reopening offers locals and area workers — who have missed their weekday break from the surrounding urban hustle and bustle — a much needed respite, and opportunity to enjoy Spring activities, on- and off-the-water, at this nature preserve within the heart of Silicon Valley.”

The Boathouse runs a sailing program that includes introductory, intermediate and advanced sailing classes, as well as private group clinics and racing.
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Part of the the restoration work and facility upgrades included dock replacement and erosion work by the City, and also addressed some needed “cosmetic TLC” for the Shoreline Lake facilities. The project has resulted in rejuvenated facilities, which means The Boathouse and American Bistro are now able to ramp up outdoor activities including sailing and sailing classes, kayaking, SUP boarding, and windsurfing as well as land-based activities such as hiking and cycling.

With access restored in time for the coming summer, the lake is set to be filled with sailboats and sailors enjoying the lake’s idyllic water.
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Shoreline Lake
It’s certainly a beautiful location. One of many that we’re fortunate to have in our part of the world.
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If you get down to the lake for some sailing, send us some pics!

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