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September Issue Out Now

Is it September already? Well, no, not till Sunday, but guess what? The new issue of Latitude 38 is out today, and, spoiler alert, it’s one of our favorite issues ever.

Here are a few excerpts:

Pacific Puddle Jump Recap

“Our highs were days of sailing in nearly perfect conditions, when the boat, the sea and the wind were in nearly perfect balance; enjoying the 360-degree, unfettered view of a perfect ocean; stars and fluorescence at night. Crossing an ocean and the equator is not a trivial undertaking. The sense of satisfaction was enormous,” said Nello and Sheridan Angerilli — of the Beneteau 11.50 Marathon — in the PPJ Recap. “For us, lows included the duration of the trip and the constant movement of the boat, sometimes in very uncomfortable ways.”

Fewer locales on the planet offer more dramatic islands and landscapes than the South Pacific.
© 2019 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Andy

The Foiling Follow-Up

“If you’re trying to go fast, why be saddled with monohull configuration?” asked Malcom Gefter, a Newport, Rhode Island, native and progenitor of the TF 10, a Morrelli & Melvin-designed foiling trimaran. Gefter spoke to us in a Follow-Up to 2018’s The Foiling Feature. “What a multihull does is move the weight outward — you’re not saddled with a lead keel and a million people on the rail.” With the TF 10, Gefter said the theory “is basically saying, ‘Don’t bother adding weight on the windward side, but rather, push up on the leeward side.'” Creating leeward lift is something that foils are uniquely capable of offering.

The fully foiling, fully flying TF 10.
© 2019 TF 10 Class Association


“According to Captain Alejandro Irigoyen, aka Dad, he’s been cultivating the dream of circumnavigating for 25 years — ever since he crewed on his first offshore ocean race, and long before he met his wife, Bernadette Sanchez,” wrote our editor-at-large Andy Turpin about an extraordinary family he met in the South Pacific. “Having recently cashed out of their comfortable life ashore in Puebla, Mexico, they’re now on a mission to become the first Mexican family to circumnavigate the globe — and along the way they intend to spread a message of peace and respect.”

The Irigoyen clan hopes to be the first Mexican family to circumnavigate the globe.
© 2019 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Andy

Transpac Part 2

“As this issue of Latitude 38 goes to press, the party has long been over in Honolulu and the bulk of the fleet has successfully returned to the Mainland, bringing this 50th edition of the Transpac well and truly to a close,” wrote Ronnie Simpson in his second installment on the Transpacific yacht race.

Transpac row in Honolulu. Note: 1) A faint rainbow in the upper-right-hand side and, 2) Girafon, the Beneteau Figaro 3, which is also featured in the Foiling Follow-Up.
© 2019 Betsy Senescu

The September 2019 issue will also feature LettersChanges in Latitudes, The Racing Sheet, World of Charter, and, of course, the winner of this month’s Caption Contest(!) in Loose Lips. 

“Mr. Griswold was pretty sure this Sailing Vacation was going to be the best one yet.” — Blake Wiers
© 2019 The internet

So please, by all means, drop whatever you’re doing, hit the waterfront (click here to find a distributor), and pick up the new issue of Latitude 38. Otherwise, Latitude will find you, Nation.

Cruising Yachts
Sue Weaver, who’s been delivering Latitude 38 to Alameda for over 20 years, also dropped off the new Yacht Fest poster to Roger Goodsell at Cruising Yachts in Marina Village.
© 2019 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Cruising Yachts
Jim Tull Passage Yachts
Jim Tull at Passage Yachts can also give you the story-packed September issue. We’re sure he’s already posted the Yacht Fest poster on the door. (Otherwise, he owes us a beer).
© 2019 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Mitch Perkins

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