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Sea Scouts Learn Safety at Sea

Sea Scouts practiced jumping into the water of San Francisco Bay in a lobster suit (aka Gumby suit) as part of a safety clinic held at Coast Guard Station Yerba Buena Island just south of the Bay Bridge.

© 2014 Ronald Berliner

The annual Safety @ Sea was put on by the Sea Scouts and the U.S. Coast Guard on the last weekend of October. While such a seminar can typically cost hundreds of dollars, this one is practically free for the Scouts. The event was well attended: 250 Sea Scouts from Southern California to Oregon converged at Yerba Buena Island.

The Scouts practiced getting into an inflated life raft while wearing cold-water immersion suits.

© Ronald Berliner
Flare practice. The gloves are a great idea.

© 2014 Ronald Berliner

"Certainly we had a great time learning new skills," said Muir District Executive Ronald Berliner. For more information on Sea Scouting, a program of the Boy Scouts of America for adolescent boys and girls, contact Berliner by email.

Some of the Scouts and their leaders who attended the event.

© 2014 Ronald Berliner

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