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Redwood Creek Cleanup

Edward Stancil, port captain for Peninsula Yacht Club and a resident of the endangered Docktown Marina since 1996, shared the following photo and letter, which he had sent to the city attorney and city council of Redwood City on February 11.

These kids (and a few adults) from the East Bay pitched in to pick up all this garbage from Redwood Creek in the South Bay. The blue building in the background used to house marine businesses.

© 2018 Edward Stancil

"We had a lot of help cleaning Redwood Creek… 2,500 lbs of trash, mostly plastic. These guys really pitch in with clean up. All this trash comes from Redwood City. Trash runs downstream.

"How many residents would have a cleanup when they should be packing? It’s not too late to help. Let’s work together to find a solution for all the small boat homes left.

"We clean the creek that our city is named after. Since you are not closing the harbor, then let 10 percent stay for security purposes. And to set an example of how to live in harmony with nature.

"Let Peninsula Yacht Club run the harbor with 14 liveaboard permits. Other yacht clubs run their own harbors. This way we can offer water access, Bay Trail, Bay Water Trail, plus small craft launch and open slips for locals to slip their watercraft. We have insurance… and skills to keep the harbor running."

Sailboats, houseboats and floating homes occupy slips at Docktown. High-density housing developments line the opposite shore of Redwood Creek.

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"So here is your chance to settle all lawsuits and get Redwood City out of the harbor business, back to private operations. Thanks again for letting me clean our creek." We’ll have more on the situation at Docktown in the near future.

A sign in the window at Peninsula YC requests support of Docktown.

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Incidentally, Peninsula YC will host the annual Potter Yachter Fest on March 16-18, with St. Patrick’s Day dinners on Friday and Saturday nights. Trailer sailors are welcome and should contact Ed for docking and reservations at (650) 771-1945.

Peninsula YC’s clubhouse surrounds a vintage water tower.

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