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Photoshopped or Authenic, You Tell Us

No matter how you slice it, that’s a lotta sashimi! But is the photo real?

© Endangered Encounters

As you might imagine, here at Latitude 38 World Headquarters we receive all sorts of crazy stuff by email — and we’re not just talking about Nigerian inheritance scams, artificial hip recalls, and web specials on oxycodone.

For example, take this photo of a former San Diego sailor named Brenda. We can verify that she now lives in the tropics where she might conceivably catch big pelagic fish like yellowfin tuna. But come on, a tuna that’s two feet taller than the gal who supposedly caught it? Sounds a little fishy to us. But then, regular readers will recall that we said the same thing back in May when we saw a photo of Ethan ‘Enzo’ Smith of the Ovni 36 Eyoni holding a massive pargo that he’d reportedly speared while free-diving in Mexico — and that photo turned out to be real.

So what do you think: Is Brenda’s tuna photo authentic or could it be that she has been messing around with Photoshop software in her spare time? Give us your vote by email and we’ll tell you the truth in our next posting. And while you’re at it give us you’re best caption or title for this shot. (Our favorite suggestion will win some official Latitude swag.)

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