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Photos of the Day: Jack London

In 2016, the New York Times published a series of Rarely Seen Photos by Jack London. The images are grainy and sometimes eerie portals into the last century — which seems, at once, ancient and shockingly recent. There are also a number of photos of London — whom we bestow with the title of Bay Area sailing legend, and consider to be an honorary citizen of Latitude Nation — in and around boats. It is difficult to properly credit some of these images, which make their mysterious and unattributed rounds on the Internet.

But we thought that you, Nation, should enjoy them.

Jack London poses near the frame of his 55-ft ketch Snark in San Francisco in 1906. It’s not clear if this was before or after the great earthquake that leveled the City.
© 2019 BoatU.S.


This photo (which we found on the Virgin Island Sailing School website) is one of our favorites.
© 2019 Virgin Island Sailing School


The Snark in full regalia.
© 2019 BoatU.S.


Jack London and his second wife Charmian Kittredge London lookin’ good on the deck of Snark. 
© 2019 BoatU.S.


Jack and Charmian London on the beach in Hawaii in 1915.
© 2019 Wikipedia


  1. Ken Brinkley 5 years ago

    Wow , one of my favorite authors !Thanks for the great photos. Keep up the great work.

  2. Donald Strong 5 years ago

    I recall a great story about Jack London, wife, and father-in-law sailing to Hawaii. Did Latitude publish that story?

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