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Photo of the Day Revealed

This photo was taken just outside Ell Cove on the east side of Baranof Island in Southeast Alaska. Some of the more exotic guesses were Scotland, Crater Lake and even Costa Rica.

© 2010 Sally Sailor

No one can say our readers aren’t sharp. When we posted Friday’s Photo of the Day contest challenging you to guess the location, we thought we’d receive far more varied responses, but almost all of the guesses were split between Lake Tahoe and the Pacific Northwest. Most noted the cold-water seaweed, gravelly ‘sand’, the snowy mountain peak, and even the ferry far, far in the distance. But only one guess was correct, and to such a degree of accuracy that we had to award the winner not only a hat and T-shirt, but a bumper sticker and pen too! "Could it be Alaska, near Baranof Island?" asked Ted Biggs of Santa Cruz.

And the winner is…Ted Biggs by guessing Baranof Island in Southeast Alaska. No telling what he would have won if he’d guessed Ell Cove!

© 2010 Google Maps

Since the actual location of the shot was just outside Ell Cove on Southeast Alaska’s Baranof Island, we were flabbergasted! How on earth could he have known that? Had he been there before? Is he just psychic? No, ‘Captain Ted’ employed some detective skills. "My clue was not the picture, though I thought with the snow in the mountains that it would either be Alaska or New Zealand . . . But wait, picture by ‘Sally Sailor’? I searched your site and came up with this photo and caption:

After some chilly sailing near Sitka, Alaska, this sailor warmed up in a natural hot spring on Baranof Island.

© 2010 Sally Sailor

"And it’s such a nice-looking place, I’m sure they haven’t wandered too far in that time. Good ’nuff for a guess, anyway." Congrats to Ted for having such fantastic deductive skills, but don’t expect us to make that same mistake again. We’re on to your wily ways. Thanks to everyone for playing!

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