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Pacific Yachts Says Thanks and Farewell from Santa Cruz

We recently received the following note from Pacific Yachts in Santa Cruz:

“Pacific Yachts is closing the office on 413 Lake Avenue, Santa Cruz, and will no longer be able to distribute Latitude 38. We have been in that office since 1986 and have given out many a copy. Thank you all at Latitude 38 for what you have done for the sailing community over the years! We still remember with a smile when Richard Spindler interviewed us in the Cabo San Lucas anchorage in 1982. Best regards, Inger Chrones.”

Santa Cruz Harbor
There are a lot of sailors and sailboats, and all sorts of sailing, in Santa Cruz. Where do you find a copy of Latitude 38?
© 2020 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John

Inger, we appreciate the thoughts and all those magazines you’ve passed along.

Readers, if you’re in Santa Cruz and looking for a copy, you can pick one up at the harbormaster’s office, Santa Cruz Yacht Club, West Marine, Johnson Hicks, and many other places. Of course, in these uncertain times, make sure you check in advance to see if/when they are available.

If your usual pickup spot is shuttered for the duration of the pandemic, you might consider our three-month Shelter-in-Place subscription: just $10 for the April, May and June issues mailed first-class straight to your door.

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