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Oil Spill Survey

The oil spill on November 7 has left Bay Area residents (and politicians) asking some tough questions — How did it happen? Whose fault is it? What will be the long-term effects?

Now we’d like to ask our readers some questions. How soon after the spill did you go sailing and did you notice any sheen? What happened at your marina? Was your boat stained by the oil? If so, have you tried cleaning it? Have you filed a claim for reimbursment?

We know emotions are running high right now and everyone has their opinion on the spill but please limit your responses to how the spill affected your boating. Email them to LaDonna.


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In recent weeks there have been reports in both the San Diego papers and CNN on some very violent attacks on American tourists in Mexico, mostly surfers in northern Baja, but also including some RV owners elsewhere in Mexico.
With the Central American cruising season now in full swing, current and future cruisers will be interested to note that a highly informative Yahoo Group website has been set up and is accepting new members.