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Oil Spill at Chevron Long Wharf

We just got word from Richmond Yacht Club that there’s been an oil spill at the Chevron Long Wharf just south of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge: “We received notice that there has been an oil spill in the Bay by Chevron Long Wharf,” reports RYC’s commodore.

“UPDATE: Chevron Oil Spill into Bay. Richmond Fire HazMat on scene, US Coast Guard responding. ‘As of 4:18 pm, Richmond Fire reports: Ongoing leak at Richmond refinery into Bay. Unknown product at this time. Boom surrounding leaking area in water.’

“Responding agencies: US Coast Guard and Dept. Fish & Game. National Response Center and EPA Region 9 notified.’Richmond Fire on scene with hazmat team formed unified command with Chevron Operations at 3:50 p.m.’

“Potential offsite impacts. Reports of oil from wharf south to Keller Beach.”

We’ll let you know more as it comes to hand.


  1. Armand Seguin, USCG Master 3 years ago

    Chevron said that they lost 600 gallons into the water.

    It is good to keep in mind that in almost every study of oil pollution, the initial estimates have consistently been drastically underestimated.

    The initial Exxon Valdez call to the Coast Guard stated they were hard aground on a reef and leaking “some oil.”

    Lets clean this up and be wary of minimal claims.

  2. Steve Grogan 3 years ago

    Whoa Coast Guard!! Let’s keep it friendly till the facts are in.
    Exxon Valdez?? Really?
    The Coast Guard wasn’t so quick to respond with an accurate estimate and containing boom during a refueling spill at their Government Island cutter dock that polluted estuary marinas for days.
    Or during the horribly slow response to the Cosco Busan Bay Bridge collision (53,000 gallons in 2007) that occurred a five minute boat ride from your Yerba Buena Base.

  3. John Arndt 3 years ago

    David Anderson, a dinghy sailor in Pt. Richmond wrote to say:

    Readers might be interested in the connection between the oil spill this week and the promise of a low carbon future.
    We just moved to Pt. Richmond from Monterey last April, and I love the way Latitude 38 is re-connecting me with the sailing world. Thanks.

    Saddened as I was by news of the oil spill into San Francisco Bay (‘Lectronic Latitude’ Feb. 10) I was excited to see the US rejoin the Paris Climate Accord last month, to see the growing recognition in the House and Senate of carbon pricing solutions, and see my Congressman Mark DeSaulnier’s support for the energy innovation and carbon dividend act. The race to a low-carbon future is underway. There is no silver bullet, but for a deeper look you can try yourself to solve the climate puzzle with a fast and fun online game ( Now more than ever, the world needs our (sailor’s) collective ability to look over the horizon and embrace new worlds.

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