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Oakland Estuary Stakeholder Comment Deadline August 22

A reminder that there are two important meetings of interest to all stakeholders in the Oakland Estuary being held on Wednesday, August 23. See our story from Monday the 14th for information on how you can add your comments by tomorrow, August 22, for the meetings to be held about the Oakland waterfront, anchor-outs and the pedestrian bridge.

You can attend the BCDC meeting on Wednesday on Zoom, or add your input for either meeting, or both, in advance.

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  1. Michael Sheats 9 months ago

    A pedestrian/cyclist ferry, possibly automated, is the best solution to this problem. It will be less disruptive to all of the boating traffic, it is more flexible for landing locations on both sides of the estuary since the infratructure footprint is so small. A short boat ride will be a much better experience for users and will in fact become a feature of this solution.

    As a boat owner who is up estuary from the major sailing areas any bridge should be at least 100ft above the high tide mark. Please consider the ferry option.

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