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So You’ve Had a Sailing Lesson, Now What?

A team of volunteers at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, led by Sharon Meyer, Vida Cheng and Petra Jacobson, put their heart and soul into producing another successful annual Women’s Sailing Seminar. We joined about a dozen other boat owners who volunteered boats and time to teach almost 40 women new skills while taking them for their very first sail. It was a perfect intro weekend with gentle breezes and warm temperatures.

So now what?

CYC Women's Sailing Seminar
Judy, instructor Leslie, Erica and Wanda had a perfect day to try out sailing.
© 2019 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John

Many people get a fantastic introduction to sailing, but then, once inspired, have to figure out a way to continue. Sailing might seem easy to us, but not everyone has the simple access on demand that we’d like to believe. After the seminar, we put together a quick list of ideas, including the Latitude 38 Crew List, to send out to the participants.

We’re sharing it with you to see what you might have to add. CYC is inviting participants back for one of the club’s regular member sails; some will try to join CYC’s Friday night beer can racing, but we’d love to share all the ideas we can.

Here’s the quick list we put together:

Since this was a women’s sailing seminar, we’re also including a link to the trailer for the movie Maiden coming out June 28. Judging from the trailer, we think everyone will like it.

Next year’s Women’s Sailing Seminar at CYC is scheduled for June 6-7. Island Yacht Club in Alameda will also host a Women’s Sailing Seminar September 21-22.

Numerous other clubs and individuals take people out all the time for their first sail. Many experienced sailors will recall their first experience and say, “I was hooked.” So what would you suggest to people who’ve had a start and want to find a way to continue? Comment below, or let us know here.



  1. Andy Kurtz 5 years ago

    There are several more sailing meetup groups, including my own: — yes that’s a shameless add 🙂 — also “” and the is even a single sailors meetup group: “ ” Most of sailing meetup groups operate basically the same way, you join the group and then sign up on a wait-list for a sail that you are interested in. The event organizer will then select and add you to the going list this is so the boat owner/driver can get a diverse group and be sure to have enough sailors with some skill to sail his or her particular boat, that varies by the complexity, size and skill level of the skipper.

  2. Chris McKay 5 years ago

    Don’t forget Lake Merritt in Oakland.

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