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No Sun, No Fun

Yes, even though you haven’t had seen the sun in months, it still exists. This is what it looks like when the sun shines on a boat in Mexico. In fact, so much sun shines on boats in Mexico, you don’t want to skimp on the bimini.

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There may be heat waves in other parts of the world, but as we don’t have to tell you, the coast of California, from the Oregon border to the Mexican border, has been socked-in almost non-stop for months with fog the consistency of Miracle Whip. Even the folks who did the Pacific Cup didn’t see sun until Diamond Head was almost in sight.

Here’s an ‘extra credit’ photo showing Arjan Bok’s San Francisco-based Lidgard 43 RotKat anchored a short distance from Profligate. Notice someone jumping into the water without a wetsuit. Although it must be stated that the waters off La Paz are much warmer in November and December than they are in early April when this photo was taken.

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In response to a request for a photo of a boat in actual sunshine, we give you a shot of Profligate taken at Isla Partida a few months ago. We don’t know about you, but it makes us hot in more ways that one. So, heck yeah, we’re going to Mexico again this winter, and so far 140 boats have signed up to join us in the Baja Ha-Ha. Don’t forget the sunblock and bimini, because you’ll need them!



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