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Name That Snot Bubble

In the January issue of Latitude, we ran a sneaky little quiz in Sightings. The only mention of it was in the caption for this photo that ran on pages 78-79 in conjunction with a story on a bottom paint study. "The first reader who can correctly identify this slimy, squishy glob that was dangling from our depth sounder wins a Latitude hat," read the caption.

Alameda’s Gary Henry was the first to respond — on January 2! — identifying the snot bubble as a tunicate. Hot on his heels was Alice Watts, First Mate of Alma, who also claimed the goo was a tunicate. Their answers were confirmed by Sarah Cohen and Brita Larsson, students of San Francisco State’s Romberg Tiburon Laboratory: "It’s a solitary tunicate (Styela sp.) covered with a colonial tunicate (Botryllus sp.)." Thanks to everyone who played!

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Okay, so we know we already showed you video of the AC45’s first sail in Monday’s ‘Lectronic.
It’s easy for longtime sailors to forget how hard the ‘lingo’ can be for newcomers to learn.