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Mystery Tri Beached at Pt. Cono

Word has trickled down to us via the ‘coconut telegraph’ that an unidentified trimaran has been beached on a remote stretch of the west coast of Baja, roughly 22 miles north of Santa Rosalillita.

The beached tri was washed ashore along this stretch of Baja coastline. With a little luck and ingenuity they may get her out to deep water again.

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On the travelers’ forum, a first-hand witness to the scene named Larry reported Wednesday: "I rode my quad up to Punta Cono to do a little fishing and I came across a 30-ft trimaran sailboat on the beach with a family of five, with all their stuff out of the boat and on the rocks and beach around the boat. They have been there for two weeks. . . They need some dry goods like flour, rice, beans, fresh water, vegetables, carrots, apples, oranges, etc. They have no refrigeration so only items that will hold up without refrigeration." If anyone is traveling that way, he suggests they render assistance. "They are on the beach right at Punta Cono where the beach ends and the rocks start."

Larry later posted: "Their names are William and Layla; they didn’t give me last names. They are from the Los Angeles area and were sailing at night and tried to pull into the lee of Cono to anchor and spend the night, but grounded and put a crack in the main hull. They beached the boat and unloaded all their stuff on the beach. They were there a week before some one saw them. They don’t want to leave the boat for fear that it will be stripped. They don’t have a house in the U.S., so the boat is all they have. It appears to be a fairly low budget operation.

"William has hopes of repairing the boat and sailing somewhere for repairs. The boat needs to be jacked up a couple of feet to gain access to the bottom of the hull so that some plywood and caulking can be screwed on and seal the hole. I am not confident that this is possible where they are now. When we found them they were in need of water and food, and determined to stay with the boat so that is why I asked if anyone else coming this way might be able to bring something.

"They don’t need rescuing right now; they just might need some supplies from someone coming to this area. They have set up camp on the beach, there were no injuries so they are fine for now. . . They are U.S. citizens. When the vessel flooded they lost their electrical so radios are useless."

Larry didn’t observe a name on the boat, but the registration numbers are: CF 7048 FH. We admire the owners’ determination, and wish them the best of luck. 

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  1. durel wiley 4 years ago

    I was there a few years back. There used to be an old guy living in a little plywood shack on the road going north from Santa Rosalillita, named Miguel. He had a garden and a windmill. Maybe 10 miles south of Cono. I talked to him.
    Miguel (in Spanish) Where are you going?
    me-Punta Cono.
    Miguel- You don’t want to go there senor.
    Me- Why not?
    Miguel- You will die.
    I cannot think of a worse place to get stuck. I hope they are okay.

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A sunken boat? No, it’s upside-down photo of an upside-down diver. © 2012 Courtesy Kurt Roll Kurt Roll of San Diego loves a warm ocean.