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Morro Bay: Mid-Coast Relief or Destination?

We were sorry we couldn’t stay. On our recent trip north we pulled into Morro Bay in the early morning to get fuel. We entered at 5:30 a.m. in perfect calm, with a full moon easing the visibility in the already well-marked channel. While it’s a well-protected harbor of refuge for boats traveling north or south, it’s also a worthy destination on its own. When we mentioned our quick stop in a recent ‘Lectronic Latitude we received several notes from coastal cruisers suggesting we should have stayed to visit. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we had a good weather window to carry on, so we did.

Morro Bay
At first light — the view of Morro Rock and the setting full moon overlooking the Morro Bay Yacht Club guest dock.
© 2021 John

The entrance to Morro Bay is dominated by Morro Rock, which, according to Wikipedia, is a 23-million-year-old, 571-ft-tall remnant of a volcano called a volcanic plug.

Of course, all was quiet at the Morro Bay Yacht Club at 6 a.m., but we were able to rest for an hour and walk down the quiet streets to check out DeGarimore Fuel, adjacent to Giovanni’s Fish Market and some hard-shouldered, fixed pilings. We fueled up a little before 8 a.m. and were on our way. Next time we hope to spend some time checking out the yacht club and the rest of this harbor town.

What are your favorite reasons to visit Morro Bay?


  1. Brian Timpe 3 years ago

    Stopped at Morro Bay back in ‘16 on my way down the coast to join the HaHa. Easy to spot due to the rock, well-sheltered, fuel, and all of those cute sea otters lolling around and feeding in the entrance channel. Had to keep moving, but it looks like a great beach town.

  2. Jim Shubin 3 years ago

    Kept my Farallon Clipper (#2) on my mooring for 10 years and loved it. Easy sail down to Port San Luis, Channel Islands, San Simeon and a lot of hidden places. Hated to leave but moved north to San Francisco. I go back and visit every summer…unfortunately by car.

  3. Rich Brazil 3 years ago

    The yacht club was a blast. The members went out of their way to treat us as long lost friends. We stayed three days waiting for a weather window around Conception and visited the yacht club nightly. The restaurants within walking distance are excellent as well. Great place to spend a few days!

  4. Mark Simons 3 years ago

    All kinds of nice seafood restaurants right on the water. The town is fun and has it’s own character so you could enjoy within a short walk from the Marina.

  5. Pat McIntosh 3 years ago

    We stopped here in May of 2005 coming north after our 1st trip to Mexico on ESPIRITU, our Hunter 430. It was a VERY ROUGH trip north. One of the crew knew about a Chinese restaurant real close to the Yatch club, and I think that place brought us all back to life. Everybody at the Yatch Club has been great whenever we have been there.

  6. George DeVore 3 years ago

    Stopped overnight coming and going down the coast in 2015. The Yacht Club and local markets and restaurants could not have been more hospitable and enjoyable. Regrettably, the only fuel dock was the Shell station atop very high rusted steel pilings with no fender board — won’t try that again! Has this changed?

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