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More Photos of Geja’s Summer Cruise

Milna, Brac, just another beautiful stop in Croatia.

© 2009 Andrew Vik

If you’re read this month’s Changes, you’ve no doubt seen 36-year-old Andrew Vik’s second installment on his second summer cruise in the Med and Adriatic aboard his Islander 36 Geja. The San Franciscan bought the Islander from another young San Francisco couple, who owned it for one year after buying it from the estate of Dick and Shirley Sandys of Palo Alto, who had sailed it that far around the world.

We didn’t have room to run all of Vik’s photos, so we thought we’d share some more with you. Enjoy!

The local tourist agency describes Croatian girls as “tall and with ample bosoms.” True or not, they all seemed to love to party.

© 2009 Andrew Vik


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