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Many Moods Across the Three Bridge Fiasco Course

The Three Bridge Fiasco threw its usual complicated mix of conditions, providing moments of glory and moments of dismay and frustration. The preliminary results show an eclectic mix of results, with some classes showing just a few finishers while other classes, such as the Doublehanded Spinnaker PHRF 108 and under, showing 100% of boats finishing, and Ethan Doyle and Ryan Treaison aboard the Aerodyne 38 Syzygy taking the day! Other classes, such as Singlehanded Non-Spinnaker PHRF, show just one finisher, with Byron Reeves on his Sabre 36 Spirit Katester coming out on top.

While we’re busy collecting stories from the day for our March issue, we’re sharing some photos from across the Bay.

Three Bridge Fiasco
This Wylie Wabbit added some color to a gray time of day.
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John
Three Bridge Fiasco
An interesting view appeared under the Bay Bridge. This is Bill Dana’s Express 27 Simply Irresistible.
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John
Sunken boat Three Bridge Fiasco
This misfortune was not part of the Three Bridge Fiasco but was a distressing sight on the east side of Treasure Island.
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John
Three Bridge Fiasco
Strategy and tactics in the Three Bridge Fiasco are rarely clear. The morning fog didn’t help.
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John
Three Bridge Fiasco
It was the best of times… There were moments of sailing bliss for almost all participants.
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John
Three Bridge Fiasco
It was the worst of times… The strong ebb caused problems for the Express 27 Fired Up and those hiding from the current close to shore.
© 2023 Cinde Lou Delmas

We had a glorious day aboard our Sabre 38 Finistere, only to end in dismay with our knotmeter reading zero at 6:20 p.m. and 2.3 miles from the finish. While we were praying for wind near Raccoon Strait, others had too much, beating up the Cityfront to the finish. We’d do some things differently next time, but we wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity even to have the same day repeated. It was fun out there.

We’ll share some more photos soon and get the full story in our March issue. If you’ve got some of your own photos, send them here.

See the full Three Bridge Fiasco results here.


  1. Grant Kiba 2 months ago

    Take 5 More, We wanted to start the race going east and found it hard to get on the west side of the starting line in the midst of all the boats going west with the ebb. We were carried west tacking cross the on coming boats and finally crossed the start line 25 minutes past our start time. At least we were not over early! We went to Red Rock first skirting the south side of Alcatraz and headed to the shallows of the east bay. We put up the kite and got there in the fog, We rounded and got a great lift from the south to get back to TI , where the wind died and left us short of rounding YB. 30 minutes later it filled in from the SW and we got out of the way of two outbound container ships, past the city front, around Blackaller to finish. It was a huge mix of conditions and a lot of fun! We are first time finishers!

    • John Arndt 2 months ago

      Nice work! How many went to Red Rock first?

    • Grant Kiba 2 months ago

      John Arndt,
      We got there around 1:00-1:30. On the way, we hung with Hang 20 (Express 27) for awhile and could see several more boats approaching in the fog rounding Point Blunt. Approaching Red Rock, we were squeezed between Renaissance (Islander 36) and Maybe Baby (with 4-5 crew members? – I think they DNCd and just went out for a good time?). At one point we were maybe 7 abreast on the approach rounding CCW. It wasn’t a big crowd there. Maybe I saw 15-20 boats? The wind filled in about 12-15 knots and our douse went better than expected.

  2. sleddog 2 months ago

    DH 108 and under did not have “100% finishers,” rather 33 out of 45.

  3. Christine Weaver 2 months ago

    The way Jibeset displays the fleet results, I can see why John thought 100% of DH 108 and under finished. There’s another section in that division if you scroll down. See results at but be advised that they are still preliminary as of Jan. 31.

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