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Looking Good

Here is one terrific photo of a cruising boat.

El Gato
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Our nomination for the Best Cruising Boat Photo so far this year goes to Eric Witt and Annie Gardner’s San Diego-based (but never been there) Catana 47 El Gato, which they bought in France a few years back. If we had to take a guess, the photo was taken off Martinique.

There are so many factors that go into making this a great shot, perhaps the most important being the bird’s-eye view provided by the drone. The bird’s-eye view shows the complete length and width of the boat, something you couldn’t get from any other angle. The yellow spinnaker against the shallow green water makes for a nice contrast and says "We’re loving the tropics." The graphic of the cat’s head is nice, too, although the eyes on the cat of the Disneys’ Pyewackets have been the best. The expression on Pyewacket’s eyes says, “Be nice, or I’m going to claw you to death.” The twin wakes add speed and motion to the photo.

We’re not sure who was operating the drone, but well done!

If you’ve got a great photo of a cruising boat, we’d like to see it

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