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Long Point Race Week Brings Out the A List

“We are sailing in SoCal right now,” writes Ira Potekhina of Sausalito, “and happened to be in the middle of the Long Point Race Week. The Saturday race was on August 27. The race was at Catalina Island and started near Long Point, went around Ship Rock, and returned to Long Point. I happened to take a few pictures and wanted to share the ones that stood out to me the most. The race had so many strapping boats like Pyewacket, Pendragon and BadPak, to name a few.”

Fleet with White Rock
Here they come!
© 2022 Ira Potekhina
Steve Torres’ Davidson 52 Pendragon IV, with crew weight on the leeward side in the light air.
© 2022 Ira Potekhina
Tom Holthus’ Botin 56 BadPak, also with strategically-placed rail meat.
© 2022 Ira Potekhina
Rock 'n' Roll
Rock ‘n Roll, sailed by John Sangmeister and Justin Smart, is a Long Beach-based Andrews 68.
© 2022 Ira Potekhina
Another Andrews 68, this is Roy P. Disney’s Pyewacket (not to be confused with Disney’s Pyewacket 70, the turbo Volvo 70 that sailed in the Pacific Cup earlier this summer).
© 2022 Ira Potekhina

Balboa Yacht Club and Newport Harbor Yacht Club co-host Long Point Race Week, this year on August 26-28. Forty boats raced, ranging in size from Bryan Nickel’s Capri 23.5 Blitz to Damon Guizot’s R/P 77 Zephyrus.

spinnakers in light air
The blue boat, #93145, is Rudolph Hasl’s San Diego YC-flagged J/145 Palaemon, the overall race week winner in ORR.
© 2022 Ira Potekhina
And there they go!
© 2022 Ira Potekhina

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