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Local Crab Boat Capsizes and Sinks

Crew of the 40-ft crabber Reward scramble to the high side after the boat capsized off Pier 45 a week ago.

© 2008 John Colban

The crab boat Reward had just left Pier 45 last Thursday (June 19) when the skipper turned the wheel, the boat leaned . . . and just kept on going. Reader Russ Colban was just passing by and happened to get a few shots as the 40-ft boat settled on her side and crewmen scrambled to the high side to stay dry.

The Coast Guard, which was conducting training exercises nearby, showed up quickly and rescued the skipper and three crew. None were injured. The boat itself eventually capsized and sank. The Coasties cordoned off the area until the Reward is raised. There were no reports of any fuel or oil leaks coming from the boat.

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