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Latitude’s West Coast Circumnavigators’ List Is Growing

Have you ever thought about how many sailors circumnavigate the globe in their boats? Who they are, what kind of boat they were on, when they sailed? Perhaps you’re even one of those intrepid sailors and are interested in knowing what company you keep.

We recently added more names to our West Coast Circumnavigators’ List and were astounded to see how many there actually are! We lost count somewhere around 300. But that’s not to say there were 300; it could be more, or it could be fewer (though not many fewer). The list includes each circumnavigation a sailor has made, and yes, there are many who’ve been around the Earth more than once, some even more than twice.

Also on the list are those who crewed for a circumnavigation. Clearly not everyone is going to sail around the world alone.

Here are the most recent additions:

Warren Holybee from Port of Petaluma, Morgan 382 Eliana, 2018-2022 (Yes, we were a bit behind on this. Our apologies, Warren.)

Warren tied the knot by sailing into San Francisco Bay on June 5, 2022. He got the cruising bug after taking classes at Modern Sailing in Sausalito in 2014. He began his circumnavigation by doing the 2018 Pacific Cup, and completed his circumnavigation in 2022.

Read about some of Warren’s adventures in the August 2022 issue of Latitude 38.

Warren (third from left) at the start of his adventure — the 2022 Pacific Cup.
© 2024 S/v Eliana

Michael and Barbara Lawler, Newport Beach, North Wind 47 Traveler, 2007-2010 (Again, what can we say? Sorry.)

Michael and Barbara completed a three-year circumnavigation in July 2010, sailing westabout through the Suez and Panama canals. They visited 64 countries on six continents aboard their 1985 Barcelona North Wind 47 Traveler.

“I was on the USC sailing team in college,” Michael reports, “and since then have competed in seven Transpacs and have about 100,000 miles at sea. Barbara has raced in six Transpacs, each time being voted Most Valuable Crew Member. She and I have done five Transpacs together, three on Traveler, including a First to Finish trophy in the Cruising Class in 2019.”

The couple each held a USCG 100-ton license before meeting at the Hawaii Yacht Club following the 2005 Transpac. Plus, Barbara lived aboard a Peterson 44 for five years while cruising the Caribbean.

You can read more about the sailing couple’s circumnavigation in the June 2010 issue.

Barbara and Michael in Mexico during her first, and his second, Baja Ha-Ha in 2023.
© 2024 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Archives

So we think we’re now up to date, but we’re not opposed to the idea that there are West Coast sailors out there whose circumnavigation we haven’t yet listed.

If you know someone who should be added to the list, please email the details to our Editorial Dept. or send a letter to Latitude 38, Attn: Editorial Dept, 15 Locust Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941.

For the record, the West Coast Circumnavigators’ List is meant to note boats or people who have
1) left from and returned to US West Coast ports or Hawaii on their circumnavigations; or
2) West Coast- or Hawaii-based sailors who have done circumnavigations starting and ending in non-West Coast ports.

Both skipper and any crew who have completed the whole trip qualify for the list.

The list is intended mainly for cruising boats, but we are happy to note anyone whose circumnavigation was completed during the course of a race. For anyone submitting names for that category, please note the name of the race along with the date(s), and we will include that as part of your listing.

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  1. Rich Brazil 3 weeks ago

    Congratulations, Warren! You make the Petaluma Yacht Club proud to have you as a member

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