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Latitude Engineering

Sailors are a notoriously innovative bunch. There are few other applications where the use of duct tape and bailing wire seems to work quite as well — or last as long — as on a sailboat. But throw in an old Melamine plate and a Latitude 38, and you have a patent-worthy creation! That’s just what Wayen Pierson did when the roller furler on his and girlfriend Jillian Hilton’s Cal 2-30 Pearl decided to take a holiday. "While we wait for a replacement, Wayne’s temporary fix is actually working," claims Jillian.

We’re not sure where the Latitude is in this contraption, but it seems to be working for Wayne and Jillian. And considering the ‘thriftiness’ of the typical sailor, we fully expect it to keep working for months, if not years, to come!

© 2012 Jillian Hilton

In the meantime, the couple and their dog Kiva are on a Bay ‘shake down cruise’ before heading off on an extended cruise. "We moved aboard about five months ago and have been staying at different marinas every week," she says. "It’s been extremely interesting seeing the different sides to all the marinas around here, let me tell you."

The couple and their furry companion will be joining the 2013 Baja Ha-Ha, and from there plan to make their way through the Panama Canal and then "go where the wind blows us." 

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On the heels of the highly successful AC World Series last week, Oracle Team USA’s AC72, the monster cat that will be used for the America’s Cup Finals next year, is slated to be launched this week (some say tomorrow).
When we showed up at the California YC in Marina del Rey with Profigate a couple of weeks ago to give a presentation, we were assigned the guest dock, which just happened to be about five slips down from the 72-ft Deerfoot II.