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Latitude 38 Has Something New from the Past

Have you got a box of old photos you’re planning to organize someday? We do too! We also have an archive of Latitude 38 magazines from the pre-digital era that we’ve always wanted to scan and make available. Amazingly, it’s come together before our disorganized boxes of photos. We’ve now added 1990 to 2004 to the digital archives. The image quality isn’t as good because it’s all scanned from the original print, but you can go back to read stories, research past events, and see what was going on in the black-and-white pages of Latitude 38.

January 1993 Latitude 38
The January 1993 cover featured a blooper, with the caption, “Bloopers seemed like a good idea at the time.” We don’t know what boat that is. Do you?
© 2021 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Richard

The issue featured the Jack Frost Series; a discussion and comment on ‘Manifestly Unsafe Voyage’ inspired by Latitude 38’s interference with the intended voyage of the Signal of Peace; a collection of ‘Season Winners’ that included Dean Treadway winning IMS Ocean series aboard his Farr 36 Sweek Okole; and Bill Biewenga and Rich Wilson, who were about to head out the Gate for Cape Horn on Great American II. A lot was going on.

Encinal Yacht Club Jack Frost Series
This was the scene in December 1992, when Nancy White caught this shot of another calm but sunny Jack Frost Series with 127 boats entered.
© 2021 Nancy White

We’ve got more work to do to get all the way back to 1977, but while much of the sailing world remains becalmed, we thought it a good time to bring back some memories and have something to look forward to when Jack Frost and more racing can resume. You can read the January 1993 issue here or look at all issues from 1990 to 2021 by searching the tabs at the bottom of this page.


  1. Avatar
    Jean Ouellette 3 months ago

    US 8987 was Irv Loube’s “Bravura.”

  2. Avatar
    Susan Ruhne 3 months ago

    Thank you! It’s great to have the online resource.

    • Avatar
      Kurt Hoffmann 3 months ago

      Hi Susan, It’s Kurt Hoffmann. Hope you are doing well. After 40 years of owning my Santana 22, I sold it in June 2020 and retired to Mt Shasta. All my best, Kurt PS: Proud of you !

  3. Avatar
    John L 3 months ago

    Thaks for the back issues!

    But the March, 1990 issue seems to be missing.

    • John Arndt
      John Arndt 3 months ago

      Dang – we might have missed that one. I’m sure we have it but may need to get it scanned. But now we have all of them back to 1977 uploaded and available. (Except March 1990!)

    • John Arndt
      John Arndt 3 months ago

      We found it! The March 1990 issue is now posted: and also we’ve added all the way back to 1977. However, we did find we are missing two issues which we’ll have to dig up from storage and get scanned. June 1978 and September 2000 are missing.

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