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Jeanne Socrates Rounds the Horn

On Wednesday, solo circumnavigating guru Jeanne Socrates made a late-night rounding of Cape Horn. It was her third (we think) rounding of the Cape in her attempt to become the oldest person to sail around the world, unassisted and alone. 

Jeanne Socrates snapped a selfie a few weeks ago, somewhere in the high latitudes.
© 2018 Jeanne Socrates

“Lovely to speak to my friends at RVYC having a celebration of my Cape rounding!” wrote Socrates on her blog. I had a Dark ‘n Stormy, Nereida version, ready to share a drink with the party. It felt good to be celebrating!

It’s been a busy season down at one of the most remote parts of the world.
© 2018 S/V Nereida

Socrates has done a few circumnavigations before, and is currently the oldest woman to complete a singlehanded circumnavigation. In one of her attempts, Socrates was knocked down off Cape Horn, broke her boom, and was forced to retire — so we’re not sure if she counts that as an official “rounding.”

We’ll have a full recap of Socrates’ voyage to this point — and the ‘rush hour’ at Cape Horn these last few weeks — in the January issue’s Sightings.


  1. Carol 5 years ago

    You are an inspiration!!!

  2. Linda 5 years ago

    Good job!!

  3. Tom V 5 years ago

    Fantastic, Jeanne! Congratulations – and keep at it!

  4. Keith 5 years ago

    All the best!

  5. Kevin Stenberg 5 years ago

    Godspeed Jeanne. You’re a huge inspiration!

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