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Is This Possible?

It’s not as random as lightning striking twice, but it feels almost as close. Over the past year, we’ve slipped a handful of flyers into some random magazines that are distributed to our more than 700 locations up and down the West Coast. If you happen to be the one who picks up a magazine with a flyer, congratulations! You win a T-shirt. Pretty simple.

Here’s the weird part. We received an email from Phil Jay, who’d picked up a magazine at the King Harbor Yacht Club in Redondo Beach with the Golden Ticket inside — but his brother, Lenny Jay, was also a winner, finding the flyer in the same December issue which Lenny had picked up at the Golden Gate Yacht Club. (We have to wonder, are these brothers working us?)

Phil Jay
Phil Jay with the winning issue in front of his Cal 39 Yankee Traveller.
© 2019 Phil Jay

We asked for a little information from Phil, who replied, “Here’s the photo you requested with me in front of my Cal 39, Yankee Traveller. She’s a plastic classic, fast and strong, though I couldn’t go sailing today, no wind.”

Phil and the flyer
As requested, Phil confirmed the flyer was really there with a “you-can’t-make-this- stuff-up” photo.
© 2019 Phil Jay

Stranger things have happened, but we’re happy to discover that the Jay brothers still enjoy sailing in both Northern and Southern California. We just want to get the next photos of them out sailing with their new Latitude 38 T-shirts on.


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