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Intro to Racing Next Monday

Have you been daysailing on the Bay or cruising around the coast but thinking of starting a racing program? “We’ve got a seminar for you,” says the Yacht Racing Association. “Kame Richards, Seadon Wijsen and a few select YRA board members will talk about the ins and outs of starting a racing program and getting your boat and your crew ready for racing on San Francisco Bay.”

Berkeley Yacht Club will host the seminar starting at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 18.

Catalina 34 with dodger
Even boats primarily set up to daysail or cruise in comfort can join the racing scene.
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Topics will include:

  • Where to find races to enter
  • Finding crew
  • Practice
  • Sails needed for the Bay
  • Sails needed for the ocean
  • Getting a PHRF certificate and what you can and cannot do with a PHRF certificate
  • Safely outfitting your boat for racing

Kame Richards and Seadon Wijsen, local sailmakers and experienced, successful racers, will lead the seminar. “If you’ve been thinking about trying out racing but weren’t sure how to get started, this talk will set you on your way. Have friends or dock mates you think should get out on the race course? Bring them along.” Or share this story with them.

Registration is $20, and you can sign up online here.

Start in Richmond Harbor
Some races are very informal, like Richmond YC’s Wednesday night beer cans. But even a low-key fun race can be good practice for maneuvering in a crowd of boats on a start line.
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Seeing this seminar on the calendar reminds us that beer can season is coming right up, and these casual evening races are a great way to dip your toes into the waters of yacht racing. Check out a list of series here:

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