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“I’m So Thankful They’re Safe!”

In Wednesday’s ‘Lectronic, we reported that the disabled San Francisco-based 47-ft motorsailer Darla Jean washed ashore at Fanning Atoll on December 2 after two and a half months of drifting across the Pacific. Owners Darla and Jerry Merrow — and their dog and bird — were reported to have survived the wreck and were requesting no assistance.

Yesterday we received an email from Darla’s sister Kimberly Corcoran: "Just yesterday I emailed the Coast Guard to see if they could give me any info on Darla Jean‘s whereabouts and I was sent a link to your story. Darla and Jerry’s original destination was the Cook Islands — it looks like they came fairly close to their goal. They left San Francisco on September 20 on a different boat but hit a bad storm just outside of the Gate. They made it as far as Monterey when something happened to their keel. That’s when they decided to buy Darla Jean. I heard from them just before they left Monterey but my family has been very concerned because we haven’t heard from them since. I am so thankful to know that they are safe!"

We’re still curious about the couple and their boat so if you have any more info to share, email Richard.

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