I Won!

Congratulations to two winners of Latitude 38 swag. Stephen Buckingham picked up a copy of the June issue at South Beach Yacht Club at San Francisco’s Pier 40 on May 31. He’d been crewing in the club’s Friday night race, tending the bow — an athletic endeavor even in mild weather — aboard the J/105 Big Buoys. “It blew 34 knots!” he said.

Stephen with coupon
Stephen enjoying the hospitality and the new issue of Latitude after a big-breeze race south of the Bay Bridge.
© 2019 Jennifer McKenna

Charles Bohlen picked up his Latitude at Duke’s Chandlery in Sausalito. “I have been a reader since 1978. I learned from Lois at Cass’ Marina, and the rest is sailing history!”

Charles aboard
Charles at home on his Baba 30 Ohana.
© 2019 Charles Bohlen

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Historic Schooner Struck
We were shocked to receive the news that the German pilot schooner Elbe No. 5  — which several generations of Bay Area sailors will know best as 'our' lovely Wander Bird — sank on Saturday after a collision with a commercial ship on the Elbe River near Hamburg.
We once saw a man walk on water. We were sailing back home to Lowrie in San Rafael after a long, splendid day on the Bay. As we close-reached up the channel, we saw a man . . . surfing without a wave, sail or kite. If we hadn't been keeping up on watersports trends, we may very well have thought that someone was walking on water.
Cabron Is for Sale
2013 Cookson 80 designed by Botin, Cabron is a high powered racing yacht.
When Poop Reigns
We were out of Cabo San Lucas headed for Puerto Vallarta when a frigatebird came swooping in, circling, circling, gliding in a steep left bank until its wingtip nearly touched the ocean, the top of its wings black, glistening in the late afternoon sun.