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I-14 Worlds Makes a Splash

The practice race fleet at the I-14 Worlds approaches the weather mark.

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The motto of the International 14 Worlds is "When you were little, did you run with scissors? You still can!" Racing is underway now on the Berkeley Circle for 61 skiffs, hosted by Richmond Yacht Club through August 25. Team racing was held on August 13-14; the ‘Great British Shake ‘n’ Bake Off’ team won. Individual racing starts today. Ten crews hail from Germany, 13 from the UK, 11 from Australia, 10 from Canada (their party togs are red-and-black-checked lumberjack shirts), 1 from Italy, and 17 from the USA.

Snatch’s crew doesn’t look happy about getting fouled.

© Richmond Yacht Club

As locals know, racing on the Berkeley Circle involves short, wicked chop fetched up on shallow water and winds into the low 20s funneling in through the Golden Gate from the cold, cold, cold Pacific Ocean.

American Kirk Twardowski and Canadian Matt Skafel pair up on Atomic Punk. 

© Richmond Yacht Club

Brits Andy and Tom Partington won yesterday’s practice race, a sausage-triangle set toward the lee of Angel Island. Breeze topped out at 15 knots, and only 28 boats finished. The Partingtons poo-poo the notion of a practice-race curse. "We’re not superstitious," said skipper Andy. "Besides it was such nice sailing out there."

Chills and spills at the leeward mark during yesterday’s practice race.


Each day of individual racing will feature one long race. We’ll have more coverage in the September issue of Latitude 38, and be sure to read Jenn Virskus’ preview in the current (August) issue. Also see

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