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Hurricane Matthew Takes Its Toll

This NOAA graphic shows the probability of storm-force winds from this morning through Wednesday morning. Purple is 90-100%; dark green is 5-10%. Hurricane Matthew is the big one on the Altantic coast; the small one to the east is Tropical Storm Nicole.


As Category 3 Hurricane Matthew roars north toward Jacksonville, Florida, details of the carnage left in its wake are becoming clearer. While only one fatality has been reported so far in the US, the death toll in Haiti has risen to 271 and is expected to increase. The storm’s center is currently 40 miles offshore, but it’s hurricane-force winds extend 60 miles outward from the eye. 

Xtasei, hailing from Montreal, fetched up on the shore in Haiti.

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Having skirted the coastline of southern Florida yesterday and last night, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power, storm watchers fear that its greatest impact may still be yet to come, if and when the storm’s center makes landfall — most likely in Georgia or South Carolina. When that happens, one of the biggest fears is of extreme damage from storm surge. 

Matthew punished Florida’s southeastern communities with gusts up to 83 mph, while winds of 115 mph were reported at its center. 

Vitamin Sea and Sojourner, the latter of which at least appeared to drag its mooring, were washed up on Stocking Island, Georgetown, Great Exuma Island, Bahamas.

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With more recreational boats registered in Florida than almost any other state, damage to boats and marine infrastructure is expected to be massive.

After devastating Haiti on Tuesday — where reports indicate up to 80% of homes were destroyed — Matthew directed its wrath at The Bahamas. So far, however, there are no reports of serious injury or death there, although flooding and storm-force winds caused extensive damage to homes and other infrastructure. 

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