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How Can You Tell When a Yacht Is Big?

There are many more large yachts in the Caribbean than on the West Coast of the United States. For instance, 150-footers seem as common in the Caribbean as 70-footers are on the West Coast. Many are from the United States, but others are from Europe.

So how do you tell a really big sailing yacht from just a big one in these parts of the world? Our index is the communications dome. If the captain can’t find the stew and the engineer because they’re having sex inside the dome, she’s a big yacht.

We’re not suggesting that any such thing has ever happened aboard the 145-ft by 55-ft sailing cat Hemisphere, but judging from the size of the guy fiddling with the sail and the size of the com dome to the right of him, the stew and the engineer could easily fit in there. Heck, for all we know the chef could join them for a Caribbean threesome. 

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“Yikes, he’s bearing down on us!” Needless to say, you’d need more than a retractable boat hook to fend off a fully laden Panamax ship.
You just never know when an Red Bull Youth AC boat is going to charge across the Bay, as one did this weekend during practice.