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“Hey Mon, You on Fire!!!”

Prior to starting the Baja Ha-Ha in ’94, we used to pass out the famous salmon-colored ‘Some Like It Hot!’ shirts to every skipper who sailed from California to Cabo San Lucas. We still give the shirts out to every skipper who does the Ha-Ha, but that’s beside the point of this story.

Last night we were in the Bank of Bagdad art gallery in St. Barth, when a guy who got his shirt in the ’80s told us a funny story about it. "I was over in St. Martin hitchhiking when a guy picked me up. He was smoking a joint that was the size of a cigar, and handed it to me. While I was taking a big hit, there was a popping noise, as a couple of the seeds exploded. Suddenly the driver shouted, ‘Hey mon, you’re on fire!’ Indeed, the exploding joint had burned a hole in my shirt right next to the Some Like It Hot sun."

Take it easy – no pot was harmed in the making of this picture.

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Ah, life in the Caribbean, where the smell of burning pot is often in the breeze.

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