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Ha-Ha Entries Pour In

Entries for the ‘Fabulous Fifteen’ Baja Ha-Ha have been pouring in since we decided to ‘tip-toe’ into the 21st century by offering online sign-ups at If you’re still happily working your way through the last century, you can also sign up the old-fashioned way — see the website or the June Latitude 38 for instructions.

Completed entries to date (#1-30 can be found here):

31    Kat Den Rie, Catalina 42 Mk II, Jay Watt, Alameda
32    Beyond, Darwin 37, Michael Kary, San Francisco
33    Folie A Deux, Newport 40 Offshore Eagle, Vinny Denietolis, Sausalito
34    Dragon’s Toy, Island Packet 37, Tom Kohrs, Freeport
35    Current Affair, Catalina/Morgan 440, Dee Gilliland, Benicia
36    Pacifico, Irwin 45 Mk III, Dave Almond, Alamitos Bay
37    Silent Running, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2, Bruce Orisek, San Francisco
38    Eupsychia, Cal 36, David Addleman, Monterey
39    Suebee, Catalina 42 Mk II, Scott Rader, Sausalito
40    Bonkers, J-130, Keith Sedwick, San Francisco
41    Flyin’ Penguin, Cal 2-46, Harold Miller, Bel Marin Keys
42    Daydreamer, 50-ft FD-12, John Olson, Anchorage, AK
43    Minnie Maru, Hunter 34, William Hinkle, Channel Islands
44    Yancey, Gulfstar 37, Joe Cardona, Ventura
45    Alias, Hylas 47, John Fluno, Santa Rosa
46    Sonrisa, Cheoy Lee 44, Fred Neilson, Lopez Island,  WA
47    Alegria, Northwind 43 DS, Tom Egan, Redondo Beach
48    New Moon, Hunter 410, David Scott, Alameda
49    Anne’s Turn, Hunter 41, Mike Warren, Sausalito
50    Deliverance, Hunter 41, Dan Swett, San Diego
51    Jules’ Jewel, Hunter 50, Rich Corbett, Michigan City, IN
52    Rainshadow III, Liberty 55, Brian Flanders, Sequim, WA
53    Sea Escape, Catalina 42 Mk II, Joe H Cunningham, San Francisco
54    Alluvium, Jeanneau 47 Sun Odyssey, Sam Darbous, Seattle
55    Caloum, Ericson 38, Bruce Powell, Tiburon
56    Consigliare, Beneteau First 41s5, Mark Sciarretta, San Diego
57    WindSong, Catalina 42, Edward Staples, Channel Islands
58    Shenanigans, C&C 35.5, Dave Fiorito, San Francisco
59    The Rogue, Catalina 50, Chris Nizic, Gold Beach, OR
60    Merry Lee, Beneteau 473, Lewis Guiss, Marina del Rey
61    Albatross, Lien Hwa Seamaster 46, Doug Schneeman, Marina del Rey
62    Lilly, Beneteau First 47.7, Steve Thosath, Seattle, WA
63    Vitesse, Beneteau 473, Tom Price, San Francisco
64    Sheherezade, Yamaha 33.5, Noah Peffer, Los Angeles
65    Formula Won, Beneteau 473, James Schmid, San Diego
66    Waverley, Islander Freeport 41, Tom Dalgliesh, Seattle, WA
67    Star Fire, Islander 41, Bill Carneal, Marina del Rey
68    Mangareva, Dallimore 40.5, Mark Strong, Emeryville
69    Harmony, Irwin 37, Dean Tompkins, Creston, BC
70    Eclipse, Cross 34 trimaran, Daniel Bodie, San Diego
71    Andanzas, Catalina 42, Wally Nevins, Ventura
72    Wish, Gulfstar 47 Sailmaster, James Bruce, Jr., Vallejo
73    Allure, Kalic 40, Dennis Hilling, Seattle, WA
74    CaST Away, Tayana 42, Charles Tedrow, Coos Bay, OR
75    Miss Molly, Cascade 42, William Walters, Morro Bay
76    Kona Lani, Hunter 466, Lawrence Boyle, Alameda
77    Vela, Catalina 42, Chris Scott, Half Moon Bay
78    Roksan, Crealock 34, Marvin J. Fritts, Whidbey Island, WA

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Jeanne Socrates credits the 2006 Singlehanded TransPac for giving her the confidence to set off on a 15-month solo circumnavigation.
Patrick Whitmarsh, Kevin Richards and Joe Penrod won the inaugural American Sailing League Championship off Pier 39, and with it a check for $10,000.