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Listen to ‘Good Jibes’ Episode 4 with Paul Dorsey

Welcome to Good Jibes Episode #4. This week’s host, Ryan Foland, chats with 30-year racing and cruising veteran Paul Dorsey about everything from ninja fishing to racing tips, and Paul’s fastest racing time and best sailing memories.

Paul Dorsey
Paul Dorsey’s silhouette on Adjudicator.
© 2021 Paul Dorsey

Paul owns Adjudicator, a Carkeek-designed Fast 40 from the British fleet, and shares his tips on how to buy and insure your racing boat, maintain your boat, and find the type of racing that’s best for you, and how to have the best time with your family on the water. Plus, you’ll hear about Paul’s racing program.

Paul Dorsey and Fast 40 racing.
© 2021 Paul Dorsey

Read more about Adjudicator at

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