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Good Jibes #144: Blaine Pedlow on Supporting US Sailing

This week’s host, John Arndt, is joined by Blaine Pedlow to chat about fundraising and growing all aspects of sailing. Blaine is Senior Vice President, Development, for US Sailing, and is a lifelong sailor with many years as a sailing coach, volunteer, and manager of racing teams.

Blaine at the helm of Elusive.
© 2024 Blaine Pedlow

Hear about the role US Sailing plays in the sport, what their fundraising structure looks like, how we can keep sailing fun for all, the most rewarding aspects of sailing, and how the Olympics unites us as a country.

This episode covers everything from fundraising to the Olympics. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear:

  • When did Blaine start racing?
  • What was his sailing experience in college?
  • Where did the Rosebud project come from?
  • How does fundraising work for US Sailing?
  • Where does the US Olympic team fit within US Sailing?
  • Why is Blaine so passionate about sailing?
  • What is Spartan cruising?
  • Short Tacks: Where’s Blaine’s dream place to sail?

Learn more at and in Latitude 38‘s December, 2022 issue.

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