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Good Jibes #142: Henry Vare on Wingfoiling Beyond Your Years

This week’s host, Moe Roddy, is joined by Henry Vare to chat about all things wingfoiling, aka winging. Henry is a 15-year-old wingfoiler who first picked up the sport four years ago.

Wingfoiling is taking Henry beyond the Bay. Hear about his experience in Puerto Rico and how it compares to plying his local waters.
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Hear the history of wingfoiling, how it compares to sailing, how winging works, about a typical day for Henry, and about the races he’s most proud of.

This episode covers everything from wingfoiling to homework. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear:

  • What’s Henry’s favorite school subject?
  • How did he get into wingfoiling or winging?
  • Do you have to blow up the wings?
  • How do you attach to wingfoils?
  • What’s Henry’s typical day like?
  • Does he get scared wingfoiling?
  • Are older wingfoilers scared of him?
  • Short Tacks: Who’s his favorite winger?

Learn more about Henry on Instagram @HNVare.

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