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Good Jibes #140: Rodney Daniel on Grand Prix Yacht Racing

This week’s host, John Arndt, is joined by Rodney Daniel, who shares his endless stories from the biggest and most competitive races on the water. Rodney is a professional sailor and pitman who has forgotten more than most will know about grand prix yacht racing, America’s Cup, Volvo, Maxi 72s, TP52s, and more.

What was Rodney’s scariest moment on the water?
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Hear how to train for a big race as a team, the most dangerous boats he’s raced on, what a pitman does during the race, how to break into the grand prix circuit, and why sailing brings out the joy in people.

This episode covers everything from racing around the world to cruising in the Bay Area. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear:

  • How did Rodney get into racing?
  • What kinds of boats did he start sailing on?
  • Why did he move to Oakland?
  • What’s his normal role on a racing boat?
  • How have racing boats changed over the years?
  • What does Rodney do when he’s not sailing?
  • How do you become a grand prix yacht racer?
  • Short Tacks: What’s Rodney’s favorite race?

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