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Give us your Crew List tips and tales

Although the Crew List is definitely not intended to be a match-making service, occasionally romances do develop. Who knows, you might find yourself rolling in the surf like this pair.

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What the heck is the Crew List? For the uninitiated, we should explain that Latitude 38‘s Crew List system has been hooking up eager, would-be crew members with skippers-in-need for decades. Now online and available 24/7, listings in a broad range of categories are constantly updated. 

We’re proud to say that over the years, many captains have gained extra hands to make on-board work lighter and passages easier, while spirited male and female crew — both young and old — have hooked sailing adventures that they might never have had otherwise.

Several hundred boats will head south in the fall, then across the Pacific in the spring. Could this be your year to join one as crew?

© Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Since the Crew List phenomenon has been functioning so well for so long, we think it’s high time that we run a feature article on it, peppered with anecdotes from those who’ve used the system. If you’re one of them, please take a few minutes to give us a short synopsis of your Crew List experiences, and a few tips for those who may be thinking about signing up. We’d also love to receive a few of your favorite (high resolution) photos from Crew List adventures. Send them to Andy. Thanks!

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