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Folding Boat – and We Do Mean Folding

Boelter’s boat ‘underway’ on the Elbe. The origami creation is part of an ongoing exhibit by the artist.

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German artist Frank Boelter was fooling around with a milk carton at breakfast one morning when all of a sudden (so the report goes) it occurred to him that you could build a boat out of this stuff. So he did. Using an 1,800-square-foot piece of Tetrabrik – a paper product which is used, among other things, for making milk cartons – Boelter spent just two hours bending and folding to come up with Bis Ans Ende der Welt ("Until the end of the world"), a 30-ft, 55-pound ‘boat’ that cost all of $217. Boelter says the craft will survive a biblical 40 days and nights before it disintegrates into a soggy blob.

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