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Fleet Week Draws the Crowds

Who’s that peeking around the bow of Royal Prince?

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Boats poured onto the Bay this weekend to take in Fleet Week festivities. Unfortunately, fog prevented the stars of the show — the Navy’s elite flying team, the Blue Angels — from performing on Saturday. According to an event spokesperson, cloud cover must be above 1,500 feet for the team to do their thing. As it was, they had trouble seeing the Gate on Saturday.

Thanks to the low cloud cover, the Blue Angels weren’t able to perform some of their more spectacular stunts – but they didn’t fail to please spectators.

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But the clouds had risen enough by Sunday afternoon that the flyers were able to perform a ‘flatter’ show, eliminating the higher altitude acrobatics. An interagency effort kept the ‘crash zone’ clear while allowing boaters to stay close to the action.

Cloudy skies didn’t deter the hundreds of boaters who took to the Bay this weekend to watch the show.

©2009 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

If you missed the action on the water, you can still take tours of visiting ships through tomorrow. Check out Fleet Week’s website for details.

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