Find Me at the Crew Party

Nation — As always, Latitude’s newest (and managing-est) editor will be wearing his blue and gold Latitude long sleeve T-shirt — with the number 38 on the back — on Wednesday at the Crew List Party at the Bay Model in Sausalito.

And he has a favor to ask.

Please come find him and tell him what you’ve been up to in your sailing life — or better yet, what you’re dreaming of. Planning on buying a boat? Going cruising? Taking up windsurfing? See any good sailing movies or read any good sailing books lately?

Please let him know.

Latitude’s newest editor Tim Henry — third from left and bald — hopes that you’ll come find him on Wednesday at the Crew Party.
© 2019 Jonathan Gutoff

The Crew List Party is also an opportunity for us to hear from our readers about the precious pages of Latitude that we pour our hearts and souls into. Is there a particular article that resonated with you? A photo? Caption Contest(!)? Quip or turn of phrase?

Please let him know.

We can’t wait to see you there.

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  1. Carliane Johnson 5 months ago

    I really regret having to miss the Crew Party but the SSS Half Moon Bay Race skippers’ meeting is the same night. Since I can’t be there, maybe Mr. Henry would be interested in hearing about Kynntana racing in the Pac Cup next year with a crew of 3 women. Except for the skipper, none of my crew has done an offshore passage except for short coastal hops. Would Lat38 be interested in reporting on what it takes to bring a crew up to speed to meet all the race requirements for the MOB/COB drills, qualifying sail, etc.?

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