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Encinal Regatta Antics

A team of four race to repack a twisted spinnaker.

© Fred Fago

Saturday’s YRA race out to Point Bonita finished down the Estuary and ended at a party hosted by Encinal Yacht Club. "The regatta had 53 boats start," reports photographer Fred Fago of the actual yacht racing. "Winds were light to moderate."

Envolée, Basic Instinct and Russian Roulette fight for air as they approach the finish line of the YRA Encinal Regatta on Saturday.

© Fred Fago

But the competition didn’t stop there. Post-race games included the Paddle Board Relay. "The course was from the end of the dock and around a buoy gate and back to the dock. The skill level was quite varied."

When SUPing is a contact sport: These two competitors used their boards to knock each other down.

© 2018 Fred Fago

For the Spinnaker Hoist event, "The spinnakers were mispacked in the bags with some twists. The team had to unpack the bag, straighten the chute, repack the bag, close the cover, tie the head to the flagpole halyard, and hoist. The chute then had to be lowered and put into the bag and the cover closed."

"Some of the teams did not completely untwist the chute and tried to raise it," reports Fred. "There was a lot of pressure to quickly straighten and pack the spinnaker."

© 2018 Fred Fago
In the Kayak Tug of War, two kayaks were tied together. Each had to out-paddle the other kayak to pull it up to a line between two docks.

© Fred Fago

Only seven boats took advantage of the opportunity to sail in Sunday’s two races on the Estuary. We plan to run results and more photos in the September issue of Latitude 38; also check out the scores on Jibeset.

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