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Dock Spotted off Washington

Authorities in Washington are warning mariners of a massive dock that was spotted by a fishing boat on Friday about 16 miles northwest of Grays Harbor. The dock was reported to be about the same size as the 66-ft beast that grounded itself on an Oregon beach in June.

Searches by the Coasties have failed to locate the dock, which is presumed to be debris from the last year’s Japanese earthquake and tsunami. If you spot this or any other significant debris, you’re asked to contact local authorities and report it to NOAA via email. For more info on tsunami debris, check out the website NOAA has set up.

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As this NASA satellite image reveals the storm winds were very tightly packed as it slammed into Viti Levu yesterday.
A little over two months ago, USA 17 — Oracle Team USA’s AC72 — pitchpoled on San Francisco Bay, severely damaging the boat and obliterating her massive $2 million wing sail.
The new owners of Kelpie are looking for stories of her history. Kelpie
©2012 Latitude 38 Media, LLC The 65-ft (82-ft LOA) schooner Kelpie of Falmouth, built in 1928 at the famous Harvey Gamage Shipyard in Maine and known as ‘the fastest schooner in the west’ during the many decades she was known simply as Kelpie in Southern California, arrived at Cornwall, England, in early December.