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DeWitt El Toro Mural Progress Report

A few weeks after posting Sally DeWitt’s story on the Jim DeWitt El Toro mural being created on the south wall of the new building along West Cutting Boulevard in Richmond, we received an update from yacht broker Jeff Jorgensen, who works down the street at Naos Yachts in the Maritime Centre.

The pictures below show the progress of the huge piece of public art that brings sailing ashore for all to see. As Jeff noted, “[T]he building is really just a ‘big box’ they are decorating the Cutting Boulevard side with a nice sailing image. I was happy to see tribute to the El Toro boats that I learned to sail when I was 8, on Lake Merritt in Oakland. Maybe not surprising to see the sail numbers so high for this iconic model though; mine was hull #514!”

The scale and color of this Jim DeWitt original along West Cutting will bring a smile to any sailor who drives by.
© 2023 Jeff Jorgensen

There are thousands of sailors who started sailing in El Toros, including Jim DeWitt, Paul Cayard and John Kostecki, Jeff Jorgensen and many, many more. Have we left any names off the list of who started in El Toros? Of course we have. We suspect a few million people have sailed El Toros since they were introduced in Richmond in 1940.

The famed colors of Jim DeWitt are brightening up West Cutting Boulevard.
© 2023 Jeff Jorgensen
You’ll see it next time you’re driving down West Cutting on the way to race at Richmond Yacht Club in Point Richmond.
© 2023 Jeff Jorgensen

Jeff (and Sally too), thanks for keeping us up to date with the kind of “waterfront development” we like to see.


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  1. Memo Gidley 8 months ago

    So nice! Great to be reminded of Jim and his fantastic work and also to remember learning to sail as a kid in an El Toro!

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