Corinthian Midwinters Go Out with a Whimper

Port jibe spinnakers
Sailing roughly parallel to their new finish line, these racers in the Corinthian Midwinters clawed their way to the north against the current on Sunday afternoon.
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A literal whimper, and shouts across the water of “No!” could be heard in the vicinity of YRA 8, aka R4, a buoy one mile east of Angel Island’s southernmost appendage (Point Blunt). The whimperers and shouters were sailing, slowly but steadily, against the current in about 5 knots of southeast breeze, toward the red can buoy. YRA 8 was serving as the first mark on Course 7 of the Corinthian Midwinters. On almost-breezeless Sunday, the race committee had shortened the course at that mark, with the intention of finishing most divisions right there.

Nuckelavee at R4
By the time the race committee trawler, Eric Artman’s Henry Dean, had finished starting all the divisions, a few PHRF 1 and Sportboat 1 racers were already rounding the first mark. (The red RIB is CYC’s mark-set boat, Spirit.)
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Racers in the spinnaker classes had kites set. They had to jibe onto a heading parallel to the line in order to make headway against the current, which tried to push the boats past the line and toward Treasure Island. When the race committee fired off three sounds and hoisted the blue and white checkerboard November flag, announcing over the VHF the abandonment of all divisions, the shouts of “No!” resounded. PRO Jeff Zarwell explained that the race just wasn’t fair. He quipped that he guessed he’d be buying his own drinks back at the club. Racers came on the radio to thank Jeff and the race committee volunteers for their efforts.

Point Blunt
On Sunday, racers hugged Angel Island to stay out of the dying ebb.
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Start line pin
The starting area on Saturday, a fine day for yacht racing.
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By contrast, Saturday’s racing was just about perfect. A westerly breeze mostly ranged from 8 to 12 knots on flat water. This weekend wrapped up the four-race, two-weekend Corinthian Midwinters. Trophies followed Sunday’s aborted mission back on CYC’s main deck.

The starting area on Saturday, as fine day for yacht racing as one could ask for on a San Francisco Bay winter’s day. We’ll have more in Racing Sheet in the March issue of Latitude 38, coming out on Monday, March 2. In the meantime, check the final standings of what turned into a three-race series at

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