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Coquelicot’s Debut Cruise in the Delta

Ranger 33 anchored out
The Ranger 33 Coquelicot anchored out in Bedroom 1 earlier in July.
© 2021 Coquelicot

“Our first Delta trip was amazing,” write Paul Hollenbach and Jessica Spenchian of the Berkeley-based Ranger 33 Coquelicot. “We had such a great time. Warm, fresh water; warm nights. We had a great jib-only sail all the way to Potato Slough. And the return trip wasn’t bad at all.”

Three inflatable rings
Remember to bring plenty of water toys!
© 2021 Coquelicot

“We signed up for the Delta Doo Dah and gained tons of great info for our first-time adventure. Thanks!”

Kid swinging out over the water
Keeping the kids busy is easy in the Delta during the summer. He’ll sleep well tonight. Sailing with the parents were Raymond, age 7, and Sylvia, 9.
© 2021 Coquelicot

The Delta Doo Dah will continue to accept registrations throughout August. Sign up here; it’s free and easy. Our next official event will be tomorrow in conjunction with Owl Harbor’s tenant BBQ. The theme this year is Color Rhapsody. We’re pretty sure the marina is completely booked up for this event. There’s still space, however, for Doo Dah sailors at Delta Bay Marina’s BBQ on August 14. We’ll have more information on that party in this space next week.

High clouds make for a gorgeous sunset. Despite wildfires elsewhere in the state, the air quality in the California Delta has been good this month.
© 2021 Coquelicot

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