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Climb Aboard for Latitude 38’s September Crew List Party!

Join us for an evening of fun, merriment and general chit-chat about everyone’s favorite topic. Oh, and you can also find crew or a boat to sail aboard.

Put your name on Latitude 38‘s Crew List, then get your ticket for the party-est party of the year!

Note: When purchasing tickets as a Baja Ha-ha skipper or first mate, click on the link for Tickets and it will take you to the next window where you will see two options — General Admission $10.00, Baja Ha-Ha Skipper & First Mate $0.00. Select the Baja Ha-Ha option to ‘purchase’ your ticket. It will not ask you for any payment.

*Please note the changed times.

Spinnakers Are a Wrap
"It was an ideal ocean race, oscillating breeze from the northwest, almost directly upwind of the Gate, 8-12 knots. A bit overcast, and cool on the way out.