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Cheyenne at Nelson’s

Swingin’ cat – Cheyenne in the slings at Nelsons.

© 2008 Mark Featherstone

The late Steve Fosset’s 125-ft catamaran Cheyenne is on the hard at Nelson’s to assess damage reportedly caused by an exploded liferaft canister. There’s been no word yet as to the extent of the damage. Most recently, she was converted to a power cat and served as the camera platform for filming Roy Disney’s Morning Light project in 2007 — chasing the project’s namesake Transpac 52 across the Pacific. Prior to that, she set what’s now the third fastest time around the globe under sail. She was commissioned by Fosset, and designed by the Southern California firm Morelli and Melvin to compete as PlayStation in Bruno Peyron’s The Race at the turn of the millenium.

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